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My Feed

Last update: 22.01.2024

Head's news feed / channel.

The "My Feed" tab in the "Messages" section allows managers to publish informational messages, which may include surveys, with access to the passage for the entire team.

➢ The employee sees the publications only of his direct supervisor;
➢The manager can publish a message that is available only to him and his subordinates;
➢The manager in the feed sees his publications and the publications of his superior manager (at the same time, the superior manager does not see the publications of his subordinate managers).

How to make a publication:
➢ Tap in the lower right corner of the screen ;
➢ On the post creation screen, add an image and description;
➢ If necessary, add a survey to the publication or attach an accompanying document;
➢ In the advanced settings section, enable/disable the ability to add comments;
➢ Click the "Publish.

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