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Platform language

Last update: 07.02.2024

Several language settings can be distinguished in the system:

The language of the administrative panel
can only be Russian or English.
The administrator can change the language in the personal account in the upper right corner

When switching the language: the interface (the name of the modules in the menu, the system buttons: add, close, etc.) are translated into the selected language.

The screenshot highlights an example of the administrative panel interface.

1. Interface language - the language of the application.
The interface is everything except the content. The name of the modules in the menu, system buttons (for example, such as: Status, Add, Options, Buttons in the menu of additional innovation, etc.).

2. Content language - the language of the uploaded materials. Only those languages that are agreed and enabled by technical support are displayed.

1. Administrative panel

For users who will be trained in a different language, you can connect additional locales (the language of the content is only for menu sections and materials filled in them).
In this case, there are additional opportunities to duplicate the training in the connected language.
The interface of the administrative panel remains only in Russian or English.

Possible content languages:

If there are no content languages in the company, then one of them will be installed as the main one.

When an additional locale (language) is enabled, it becomes possible to fill in the content in the appropriate language.
When switching to a tab with a new language, fill in the content.
If necessary, you can use copying content from the main locale.

Copying of the material, if no translation is provided, is best done after the entire material is ready.
Please note that if you make changes to the material, then they need to be duplicated in other locales as well.

Please note:
It is important to fill in the language settings as well
- in the categories of various sections
- sections of training programs
- tags

2. The user in the application

The user can select a language from the list when logging into the mobile application or the web version.

On the authorization page, you can select the interface language (application language).
By default, the language of the device (browser).

The language of the content.
After authorization - by default, the language of the application is substituted for the content language.
But if there is no given language among the company's locales, the user will be given a choice among the available languages that are included in the company when logging in.
Example: Russian and English languages are included in the company. When English is selected, it is displayed:

Also, the interface language and content language can be configured in the employee profile.

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