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How to reset the rating/gift shop correctly. In which cases should the rating be reset?

Last update: 15.03.2024

Zeroing the rating can be applied if your company has periods (for example, 6 months) for scoring points on already defined materials and spending them in a gift shop. At the end of this period, you want to generate the rating from scratch again.

Zeroing the current rating is a rare case. But if this process is necessary, it is important to do it correctly.

Step-by-step instructions for resetting the rating:

1. Announce the terms to users.
Be sure to write down the rating conditions in its settings.
For example:
You can see your place in this table by clicking on the section in the "Rating" menu. You can grow in it when passing rating materials (you can also see a list of them in this section by clicking on yourself in the table) and when receiving awards from the head. The points scored in the rating allow you to make orders in the "Gift Shop". The period for collecting points and spending them is available until ...dates ...hours.

Also write a message / news (via the "Messages" section) for employees that the rating system has been launched and its validity period. You can also duplicate the conditions.

2. A week before the specified date, write a message again as a reminder when the rating will be reset, i.e. zeroing to 0 points. It is important that users have time to spend their points, and do not plan to accumulate more, believing that there is still time.

3. It is advisable to process orders that users leave in the gift shop gradually (for example, once a week). After changing the order statuses, you can leave comments to users in them.

4. After you have processed the last orders of employees and the announced reset date has come, upload a table with the points that users currently have in the Statistics section. And save the file for yourself.

It may come in handy after the reset if one of the users comes with a question about his rating.

5. We close the gifts. Changing the status to hidden. You can do it en masse.


6. In the statistics, we upload orders. We save a file for ourselves. If there are still orders that have not been delivered to the user, then you will take the information from it. It can also be useful after resetting if one of the users comes with a question about his order.


7. Archive all orders. It can also be done en masse. Archiving an order resets this counter in the gift shop.
If you reset the rating before archiving orders, then users will have 0 in the rating, and there will be a minus in the gift shop (if, for example, I had an order for 200 balls, then it will be - 200).
This is the logic of our application, but users may be very surprised. In this case, do not forget to archive all orders.

By the way, when archiving orders, all products are returned to the store if a specific number was displayed on some product, and not unlimited. If yes, then it is necessary that before opening the goods, go to each and adjust the quantity.

8. We reset the rating.


9. If there were orders not delivered yet (in progress) In the "Messages" section, you can write to users: "We have fixed all orders and will definitely deliver them to you. In the application, after archiving, they will no longer be displayed, since we have reset it." Access to this message can be granted individually, only to those users whose orders have not yet been delivered.

When the rating is reset :
- the rating accounting checkboxes are removed from all rating materials,
- all awards issued are reset to zero and will no longer be visible to employees,
- rating KPIs are also removed from rating ticks.

Therefore, we also recommend considering in advance the frequency of accrual of KPIs (if you have them participating in the rating). And the frequency of awards.

What will happen if you check the rating box in the materials again.

2 approaches:
1. If user statistics have not been reset to zero: points for completed materials are returned to the rating
2. If you reset the statistics on materials and put a rating on the material, then the rating will accumulate from scratch.

With a periodically reset rating, we recommend putting new materials (period materials) in the rating.

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