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Step-by-step instructions for creating a prof test

Last update: 20.09.2023

The Prof. test is designed to test the user's competencies and skills.

As an administrator, you can upload questions and specify which skills and competencies they relate to, and also divide the questions by difficulty level. Simply put, you can break down the questions by topic.

After making a test, specifying how many questions from this topic will randomly pop up with users.

When our user passes this test, he will see not only the overall result, but also a breakdown by competencies (in which there were questions), % of success in this topic is indicated opposite each competence

Stages of creating a prof.test:
1. Create competencies
2. Add skills and levels to them
3. Upload questions
4. Creating a Prof. test
5. Specify the name and description
6.Note the settings for displaying text on the platform
7. On the "Questions" tab, we collect our test from the already loaded database
8. Note the additional settings
9. We give access to the test to users
10. Make the test active.

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