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Registration of administrators, setting up administrator profiles

Last update: 15.04.2024

Registration of administrators on the platform.

Registration and adjustment of administrator profiles on the platform is carried out by support specialists. You can submit a request for changes via:

  • Chat intercom (button in the lower right corner admin. panels)


  • To the support email

  • Through your personal support manager.

To register new profiles, we ask you to send the following data:

1. Desired login.

The login of each administrator on the platform must be unique.

2. Email address and phone number.

Required in case of password recovery. Their indication is optional, but it is recommended from our side.

3. First and last name, photo or avatar.

They will be used in all messages that the administrator will publish on the platform through the "Messages" section. If not specified, then the signature "Administrator" will be indicated in the messages.

4. Required access to platform sections and user groups.

Each administrator profile is configured with a role according to which access to the platform sections and user accounts will be opened. The restriction can be implemented by any of the sections displayed in the side menu of the administrative panel, or by a group of users that you can find in the "Settings" section.

The restriction cannot be applied by functionality within the section itself. For example, if you have access to the "Training Programs" section, the administrator will see all the content in it, be able to adjust it.

Adjusting existing administrator profiles

Any administrator can submit a request to adjust the personal data of his profile, but a request to change someone else's profile can only be accepted by us from the administrator in the role of Main Administrator, or additional conditions can be agreed upon.

Note: Access adjustments are possible only at the request of the Main Administrator or a responsible person in the company. 

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