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Using the Media Library

Last update: 20.09.2023

This section is used on the platform more as an informational one.

Let's analyze the possible cases:

1. Corporate youtube.
We post a video about the life of the company, about the technologies of work, and so on.
Users leave comments and likes when viewing.
Read more in the article Adding videos to the Media Library section

2. Adding an article.
To do this, we upload the text (which may contain links) and a picture for clarity.
Users leave comments and likes when viewing.
For more information, see Adding an article to the Media Library section

Instead of an article, you can design contests. For example, upload photos and users will choose the best with likes.

Also, by analogy with Instagram, lead a feed or broadcast news.

And to pay attention to our news (for example), you can put these articles on the main page.

The home page is the first page that is displayed to the user when the application is opened.
More about the main

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