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Where can I import statistics? For which materials is this possible?

Last update: 27.03.2024

Statistics import is an opportunity to upload statistics to the platform.

There is such a possibility:

1. Throughout the training program - The file allows you to download statistics on the programs you need for the necessary employees. When loading statistics into the whole program, statistics are imported for all materials in the order of their location in the program (even for hidden materials).

Possible case: I upload statistics on all active materials of the program, but the result of the program is still not 100%.

Solution: there are hidden materials in the program, statistics are also imported for them. We recommend removing them from the program or taking into account their presence in the import template

To download, see the article Importing statistics by program.

2. On specific material from the training programs - You can download statistics on one or more materials from the program. For example, only on the final test.

List of possible materials:

3. Section "Imported statistics"

This section is created only for storing data for the history, which the administrator can look at. The user in the application does not see this data.

It is used if it is necessary to save the results of training on the platform, but the training materials themselves are not transferred to the administrative panel.

In addition to viewing, the administrator has the ability to export statistics, import new statistics, or reset statistics by deleting all data.

The table itself contains a list of imported statistics, which includes the following information about the user:

  • record selection checkbox

  • "ID" - the user's ID (by clicking, sorting is performed in ascending or descending order of the identifier),

  • "Name" - the user's first and last name,

  • "Login" - user login,

  • "Email" - user's email,

  • "Type of material",

  • "Name of the material",

  • "Start date" - the start date of viewing (passing) the material in the format "dd.mm.yyyy hh:mm:ss",

  • "Best attempt date" - date and time of the best attempt in the format "dd.mm.yyyy hh:mm:ss",

  • "Progress" - the progress of learning in %,

  • "Status" - the status of passing ("Not passed" / "Passed"),

  • "Points" - the number of points scored.

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