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Questions of the prof. test

Last update: 20.09.2023
  • Go to the QUESTIONS section. Lists of groups of questions for the Prof. test will be displayed here.

Note: It is necessary to specify the number of questions corresponding to the competence and skills. Questions are taken from the question bank in a random order. By clicking on the information message above the list - "bank of questions", you will be redirected to the corresponding section.
  • To create a new group of questions, click on the +Add Question button.


  • Select the Skill, the Skill Level, and the number of questions from this skill level that you want to show in the test. You can use the search function when selecting a skill and level.
    Archived skills are not displayed in the Skill drop-down list.

  • Click Save to save the changes.

If you enter the number of questions more than the total number of active questions for this skill level in the database, an error will be displayed.

According to one skill level, there can be only one group of questions in the test. When trying to create a new group, an error will also be displayed.

  • To delete a group of questions, click the Delete button in the Options menu and select Done in the confirmation window.

Note: Groups of questions can be edited or deleted, but only for tests with the "Hidden" status. When you try to make a change in the active question group, an error message appears.

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